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Smart Video Interview Platform for candidate screening and shortlisting


The traditional candidate screening process, with its lengthy resume reviews, scheduling conflicts and unproductive interviews, often leads to losing great candidates. TeamFill changes that, making the process faster and ensuring the best talent doesn't slip through your fingers.

Tailored Interview Questions, Simplified

Save time crafting interview questions. Our AI generates tailored, role-specific questions for candidate assessment.

24/7 Interviews, Globally

Reach candidates worldwide. Our on-demand video platform allows applicants to showcase their skills anytime, opening doors to a global talent pool.

Asynchronous Video Interviews

Leverage AI to evaluate candidates' technical expertise. TeamFill generates intelligent summaries, eliminating the need for manual assessment.

Expert Evaluation, No Technical Expertise Needed

Assess candidates confidently. Our AI-powered platform provides intelligent summaries, eliminating the need for technical expertise during evaluation.

Instant Candidate Shortlist

Access immediate insights. AI evaluates candidate responses, providing instant feedback and scoring for quick identification of top candidates.

Collaborative Hiring Empowered

Make informed decisions together. Enable your team to independently review video interviews, collaborate, and provide individual scoring for effective hiring.

How it works

AI Interview Question Generation

  • Recruiters input position requirements.
  • Our AI generates role-specific questions aligned with your hiring needs.
  • Questions are designed to assess candidates effectively, drawing on industry expertise..
  • Recruiters can easily customize the questions to match their preferences, ensuring a tailored approach.
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On-Demand Interview Recording

  • Candidates access our on-demand video platform through a provided link.
  • Guided by AI, they record their interview responses using their preferred device.
  • TeamFill saves and organizes all the recordings for convenient review by recruiters..
  • Recruiters can evaluate candidates at their convenience, minimizing time for candidate screening.
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Intelligent Assessment, Smarter Hiring

  • Gain valuable insights into candidates' cultural and technical fit with your organization's values and job requirements.
  • Benefit from AI-generated feedback and scoring for each question answered, facilitating the creation of a shortlist for the hiring team.
  • Foster a collaborative hiring approach by granting access to recorded interviews for multiple team members..
  • Each member can provide individual scoring and feedback, enabling a comprehensive and diverse evaluation process.
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Use cases

TeamFill automated candidate screening

Fast Candidate Screening for HR Managers

In the corporate world, HR managers handle diverse responsibilities beyond recruitment. From employee onboarding to performance management, spending excessive time on candidate screening can be overwhelming and hinder their ability to focus on other critical HR functions. The process of screening candidates for a single position can stretch on for months.

How can TeamFill help?

  • TeamFill helps HR Managers save time by generating tailored interview questions.
  • It enables 24/7 interviews globally, reaching candidates worldwide through an on-demand video platform.
  • With AI-generated feedback and scoring, HR Managers can assess candidates' skills without having technical expertise themselves.
  • TeamFill facilitates collaborative hiring by providing access to the recordings for the entire hiring team.
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TeamFill Automated Candidate Shortlisting

Enhancing Process Efficiency for Recruitment Agencies

Any owner of the recruitment agency knows the challenges that arise when managing a multitude of candidates for diverse clients. This process often leads to unwelcome bottlenecks, causing delays in the recruitment process. As a result, exceptional candidates slip through the cracks, clients become dissatisfied, imposing a risk of losing business—a scenario that no agency can afford.

How can TeamFill help?

  • Recruitment agencies can efficiently manage all their open positions and leads in one centralized platform.
  • Candidates have the flexibility to record their interviews at their preferred time, removing scheduling conflicts and ghosting.
  • Advanced AI technology evaluates candidate responses and generates a shortlist based on predefined criteria.
  • Recruitment agencies can automate the process of sending rejection letters to candidates who didn't make it through the screening round.
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At TeamFill, our co-founders bring over 20 years of combined experience in software development and recruitment. We are dedicated to providing efficient recruitment automation solutions that help you save time, reduce costs, and secure top talent effortlessly.

Paulius Rimavičius


Paulius, the tech mastermind of TeamFill, uses his wide-ranging software development skills and previous CTO experience to fuel our cutting-edge recruitment solution. His understanding of AI is key to driving the innovation behind our product.

Antanas Giraitis


As the owner of a recruitment agency, Antanas understands the recruitment market inside out. This deep knowledge equips him with invaluable insights that are significantly contributing to the development of TeamFill.

Greta Zaikauskaitė


With an international background and extensive experience in the SaaS industry, Greta plays a vital role in understanding users' needs. Collaborating closely with the team, she crafts a seamless user experience and provides guidance to help TeamFill unlock the full potential on a global scale.



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